Mission Statement

At CEC we have one goal, to deliver easily implementable solutions that drive results. Each of our offerings shows this by tying our profits to your results.

Content Profitability

At CEC we know that each school has it’s own way of selecting what books to use and we want to keep it that way. It doesn’t matter to us what you want to use, print or e-book, big or small, we just want to get you the best deal on that content.


CEC doesn’t stop at just getting the best content, we can also help deliver it to your employees or students.  Our partnerships with various distributors give our clients the flexibility to streamline the way they deliver the selected material.

Profitable Publishing

Some of our clients have faculty that want to write or have thought about self-publishing, so CEC has developed a publishing arm that eliminates the risk of self-publishing while retaining the profitability.