90/10 Help

CEC will always focus on the biggest issues facing our educational system. With the new 90/10 regulations instituted in July, the pressure to remain compliant is more important then ever. The other side of this is the large amount of student loan debt that exists.

We are rolling out a new program to purchase loans from the schools we work with. The funds from these purchases count directly towards the private side of 90/10. Instead of waiting for your students to begin repaying the loans themselves, your school can realize the entire benefit from their purchase NOW!

Our goal for this program, like everything we do, was to create the best offering possible for our clients. We wanted a program that would be unmatched in the market and the highlights listed below prove that. This program gives both CEC and our clients the ability to make an immediate impact.

  • No recourse for defaulted loans.
  • Exceptional terms for your students.
  • Interest rates of 5% or less.
  • Loans are purchased on a dollar for dollar basis.

We are looking forward to working with you and your institution!