DesCart Exam

With lagging retention rates, many online colleges are struggling to find new ways to attract and enroll students who are likely to succeed in an online program format. Most institutions provide a short questionnaire, which students use to “self-assess” their awareness of the technology and requirements of online learning.

But, lured by the convenience of the online format, far too many of these students simply talk themselves into believing that they’re prepared for online learning because they inaccurately perceive them to be easier than face-to-face courses.

DesCart, the Distance Education Skills and College Academic Readiness Test, fulfills the dire need for student readiness assessment.
This exam assesses the five areas most critical for the success of the new online learner at the college level:

  • Technology skills
  • Distance education preparedness
  • Analytical skills
  • Basic language skills
  • Basic mathematic skills

The assessment is weighted toward a student’s technical and distance education readiness, and provides the institution a clear perspective on the prospective student’s ability to succeed within an online or hybrid program.

With a reliable methodology that measures the critical academic, technological and attitudinal skills for student readiness, DesCart can help your institution increase student retention and achievement.